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Custom Bathrooms Design

One trend that’s gaining steam has surprised many of our homeowners. Dark and moody kitchens and bathrooms are all the rage among interior design insiders, and this trend has been embraced by some clients and approached with skepticism by others. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing several of our homeowners take risks with their kitchens and bathrooms over the last many months. They are looking forward to the mood and drama that these spaces in their homes will invoke, and we are too!

Bold Colors and Patterns

In contrast with the “dark and moody kitchen” trend above, just about EVERYONE seems to be embracing this next trend. Interior designers and homeowners alike are eager to strategically incorporate bold colors and patterns into spaces throughout their homes. For those homeowners that aren’t ready to dive into the deep end with a dark kitchen, embracing bold color and patterns seems to be just the right level of design risk taking. Each individual is encouraged to find the deep, rich colors that speak to them the most and layer those in with surprising patterns and accent pieces… all to create a look that is perfectly and uniquely THEM.

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